What is a Co-Parenting Specialist?

A professional trained as a Co-Parenting Specialist ™ is dedicated to using a child-centered approach to assist separated or divorced parents in navigating the challenges of raising children together while living apart.

These specialists are equipped to provide expert guidance and support to parents in establishing effective communication, managing conflicts constructively, redefining family life, and prioritizing the well-being of their children.

Within their respective discipline, professionals who participate in this course learn to leverage their influence and guide co-parents toward minimizing the negative impact of parental separation on their kids.

Divorce professional

The overarching goals of this work are to guide and empower parents to:

  • Redefine their relationship, shifting from once partners to always parents.
  • Build a supportive co-parenting relationship that allows children to have engaged and meaningful relationships with each of their parents.
  • Implement a two-home concept that supports secure attachments and allows children to feel a sense of belonging and connection in each household regardless of time spent.
  • Guide co-parents in creating meaningful and durable parenting plans that center on the changing needs of their children.

Our focus is on training a broad range of professionals to become Co-Parenting Specialists, ultimately changing how families experience divorce by creating more positive outcomes for children and their parents.


Education and Curriculum:
The training program provides comprehensive educational materials, resources, and a curriculum designed to teach participants about the philosophy, principles, and practices of being a Co-Parenting Specialist. This may include understanding child development, family dynamics, the emotional impact of grief and loss, conflict resolution techniques, and legal processes/considerations related to co-parenting.

Skill Development:
Participants are trained in practical skills essential for effective Co-Parenting Specialist work, such as communication strategies, mediation techniques, shifting perceptions, asking powerful questions, centering on children's needs, reframing, managing conflict, and facilitating constructive conversations between co-parents.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines:
The training covers the legal and ethical guidelines that Co-Parenting Specialists must consider when working with co-parents and families. This includes operating within the scope of their professional role, managing confidentiality with co-parents, seeking peer consultation when needed, understanding the legal frameworks related to separation and divorce within their jurisdiction, and maintaining clear boundaries in identifying the limits of their professional capacity.

Case Studies and High Levels of Interaction and Engagement: To provide participants with practical, real-world, hands-on experience, our training involves the use of case studies, skill-oriented engagement exercises, and the opportunity for multidisciplinary discussions to deepen learning, and engagement exercises. This allows participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios they may encounter in their work with co-parents.

Certification and Continuing Education:
Upon completion of the training, participants receive certification as a Co-Parenting Specialist. We also offer continuing education opportunities to help specialists stay updated on best practices and maintain their certification.

Networking and Support:
post-training, we provide opportunities for networking with other professionals in the field and support to help new specialists as they begin their work.

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