Christina McGhee, MSW lead trainer and creator of the Co-Parenting Specialist Training Program, is an internationally recognized divorce parenting expert, coach, trainer, and author of PARENTING APART: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids.

Her diverse background as a coach and parent educator, combined with her experiences consulting with family-law organizations and systems, has helped her cultivate a unique perspective regarding how divorce professionals engage with clients and what it takes to effectively develop and sustain a child-centered practice.

As a trainer, she creates customized, interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking learning experiences for a wide range of divorce professionals. Her programs focus on providing a comfortable space for practicing new skills that maximize learning while offering strategies and high-level resources participants can use right away.

You can find out more about her at

Eric Feig

"Collaborating and learning from and alongside such dedicated professionals was not just educational. It was a genuine gift.

As a family mediator who seeks to keep children and their needs "center stage", this opportunity to deepen my skills and enhance the resources I can offer was invaluable."

Erik M. Feig, CIPP-E, CIPM
Mediator | Parenting, Divorce, Neurodiversity & Special Needs


Susan Guthrie, co-trainer is an internationally recognized expert in online mediation, legal tech, and AI. With over 30 years of experience in family law, she is a leading voice and highly sought-after trainer for family law, collaborative, and mediation professionals.

She specializes in helping dispute resolution practitioners grow their practices and integrate technology ethically. In 2020, she co-created the Mosten Guthrie Academy to provide “gold-standard” specialized training programs for dedicated divorce practitioners to expand their skills.

She serves as the Chair-Elect of the American Bar Association’s Section of Dispute Resolution and is an award-winning presenter and keynote speaker at industry conferences worldwide. Susan is also the host of two popular podcasts, Divorce and Beyond and Make Money Mediating, which offer valuable insights and support to both the general public and legal professionals.

Her innovative programs have trained over 25,000 dispute resolution practitioners globally, making her a highly respected figure in her field.

You can learn more about Susan and her work at

Rebecca Stern

"I highly recommend it!

Every divorce professional who strives to be part of the solution, who wants to provide families with tools to prioritize their children, to minimize conflict, to empower clients to make thoughtful decisions, must take this training! Christina, Kelly, & Susan have created a course that is direct, engaging, & heartfelt. Every minute was packed with real-life scenarios, opportunities to learn from colleagues, lively discussions, and go-to resources."

Rebecca Stern


Kelly Myers, co-trainer brings a wealth of experience to the Co-Parenting Specialist Training Program as a divorce and co-parenting coach, mediator, and communication expert. Having experienced divorce and co-parenting firsthand, she has committed herself to continually pushing the edge of her learning by investing in training and education regarding the newest information and methodologies available in this space.

Her enhanced skill set provides deeper insight into the complex dynamics involved in separation/divorce and their impact on families. With nearly a decade of immersion in her field, Kelly possesses a unique skill: the ability to translate her wealth of knowledge into practical tools that empower parents and assist professionals in enhancing their skills.

Kelly’s career is dedicated to empowering her clients to make informed decisions, find their voice, and achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their children. She sees working with co-parents as an opportunity to facilitate constructive conversations between divorcing couples, fostering a cooperative and respectful environment. Her goal is to help couples find common ground, identify shared priorities, and reach mutually beneficial, sustainable agreements that are built around their children’s needs.Kelly’s approach to coaching, mediation, and co-parenting is grounded in empathy and the belief that divorcing couples can redefine their relationships and their families.

Learn more about Kelly at First Steps Divorce.

Deborah Morillo

“This training was complete, professional, insightful and delivered above my expectations.

Christina and Kelly are experts in their fields and great educators. The structure of the course, methodology and activities were very well balanced. They create an empathic, open, inclusive and caring environment for learning. The quantity and quality of resources they offered us is amazing. I really enjoyed the diversity of the group and the opportunity to learn from all. I leave today with a world of meaningful information and the certainty of the power of the child centered movement to change lives. Thank you!”

Deborah Morillo

CGP (1)

Conception Plaza Logronio, commonly known as Coney, serves as the Coordinator of Training Support and Operations for the Co-Parenting Specialist Training Program. In this vital role, Coney handles all background operations, including technical support, participant engagement, website management, and graphic design. By addressing client and participant concerns efficiently, Coney ensures that trainers can dedicate their full attention to delivering impactful education.

Coney is also the dynamic Executive Assistant for Christina McGhee who seamlessly handles the day-to-day operations for divorce and children. Hailing from the Philippines, Coney brings a wide range of experience to our team.At Divorce and Children, Coney showcases her prowess as a social media expert, skilled website designer, and proficient administrator, ensuring smooth sailing for the company. Despite the physical distance, her efficiency in keeping everything organized and on track makes her feel like a neighbor in the office. Beyond work, Coney finds joy in singing, culinary experiments, and outdoor escapades with loved ones, embodying excellence, innovation, and adaptability in all endeavors.

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Jillian Lydell

"I highly recommend this program to anyone involved in the divorce world.

The Co-Parenting Specialist Training is incredible. It is heart-led by experienced and wise instructors. You'll learn a new language, receive many incredible tools, and participate in rich interdisciplinary conversations."

Jillian Lydell
Divorce Coach, Cultivating Joy Coaching

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